Red magazine article: Being the wife of a would-be writer

My wife, Margi

My wife, Margi, has written a tremendous article for Red magazine (UK, October edition, on shelves from September 4th, 2013) about being the partner of a struggling would-be writer. Oh, and that “would-be” would be me of course.

You can read a very short version of the story here. But there are considerably more ups and downs in the full magazine print version.


  1. I’m definitely buying the magazine now. What a fantastic article. I relate very much to Margi’s points and laughed out loud several times in this shorter version. Thank you (and you are a rock star)!

  2. Thank you, Lisa, hope you enjoy the full article. I’m definitely several pairs of leather pants short of being a rockstar, however. But I promise to work on that. I hear they can be quite becoming on aging men!

  3. Delovely. Would love to know if there’s a way to get the full article out here in SE? Or I can try and source someone stateside.

    Kuddos to you both. An amazing feat.

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