Grist Mill Road: first reviews

ink-pot-and-nibs-1487822-640x480There are four important trade publications that review novels prior to release. (Trade publications are generally intended for booksellers, librarians, and other industry professionals.) Here are some excerpts, with links to full reviews as well, from three of the four. (Library Journal has not, as yet, published its review online.) A starred review indicates a book “of outstanding quality.”

* “Mesmerizing and impossible to put down, this novel demands full attention, full empathy, and full responsibility; in return it offers poignant insight into human fragility and resilience.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review (full review here)

* “[A] haunting, disturbing, beautiful and demanding novel…. The intensity of the storytelling is exhilarating and unsettling.” — Booklist, starred review (full review here)

* “[An] edgy, intelligent thriller…. The reader’s sympathies shift as each character brings a different perspective to the events that shaped them. Unexpected twists keep the tension high.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review (full review here)

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