Fictionary 4 Clues

1. A chemical symbol and an abbreviation; think about the direction in which they’re written

2. You’ve got this one already, right? If not, what rank of nobility is given to each of these four males? And what is the size of the one being indicated?

3. Another clue where size matters; something small inside something large; think literally about the word ‘house’ and laterally about the word ‘Tiger’

4. The first word is literal; then think of a synonym for ‘actor-like’, such as ‘hammy’, but obviously not ‘hammy’; then break that word in half

5. Colour of the first word followed by a synonym for the first word followed by an arguably derogatory term for the job-title of the great Sir Ian McKellen. (But have you SEEN The Hobbit?)

6. This is a one-word book title, an eponymous tale; word + ‘symbol’ beneath it = answer

7. This is my favourite; you need to know the title of The Troggs’ most famous song; OK, I’ll save you a google, their most famous song is ‘Wild Thing’, which has been covered more than once

8. The answer is a homonym for a description of the part-word you see, which is the end of something

9. What level is this note pitched at and which note is it? Say this out loud; another homonym (And I hated the fact that the TV adaptation of this was always on during school holidays when I wanted them to be showing Tarzan movies; this is sort of another clue)