Fictionary 3


I used to work as a puzzle editor and compiler and thought it might be fun to make up a book puzzle. This is a wordplay challenge in which each circle contains a cryptic-style clue to the name of a book. So, for the example, over on the right here, the answer is ‘Trainspotting’. (TRA – in -SPOTTING, yes?)

See if you can work out the titles of nine novels below, arranged in approximate order of difficulty. And to narrow things down, this time the theme is ‘Postwar American Literature’.

I’ll add a link to the answers in a week or so. And let me know what you think? Too easy? Too hard? Like some more? (You can use the comment box for this, but please don’t put answers in comments.)

Oh, and in case you missed them, here’s the original Fictionary.
And here’s Fictionary 2.

Let’s do it, let’s play Fictionary.


You can see the original Fictionary here.
And Fictionary 2 is here (the last one is TOUGH).

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And for those in need, here are the answers

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