Dog Week

Yes, the Discovery Channel has Shark Week and now, here on my website, it’s Dog Week. (This is somehow linked to my writing, bear with me.) For the past three years our dog, Mabel, has taken part in New York’s Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade. For those of you who don’t know, this is the world’s largest, campest, gaudiest Halloween dog parade. (I’m just assuming this. But if there is one larger and gaudier then please let me know so that I can creep quietly into a garden shed and shoot myself.)

In case you hadn’t already guessed, I have some misgivings about this event. And I have written an article for ‘The Dog & Hound’ newspaper all about these conflicted feelings. (See I told you Dog Week was connected with my writing.) You can read the article by clicking here.

Anyway, one post does not a Dog Week make. But this Saturday, the 26th, will witness the twenty-third iteration of this East Village tradition. And my wife has now worked out what Mabel’s fourth costume will be. I hate to say this, but have to admit, it’s kind of genius. Hopefully by Sunday there will be a video on this website – because this costume requires more than a simple photograph. It’s very kinetic (and very trashy and very low-culture; an almost-guaranteed winner). No more clues.

But for now, a look back at Mabel’s last three Halloween Dog Parade costumes. Click on a picture for a larger version/slideshow.


  1. This is hilarious and genius (although I haven’t read 50 shades, cough). It reminds me of when my wife and I stayed in San Francisco a few years ago and the owner of the apartment we were renting proudly showed us the album of his dog in various halloween costumes almost immediately on our arrival. This is a phenomena we hadn’t come across before so spent the first few nights putting a chair against the locked front door.

    We have obviously subsequently learnt it is a bit of thing on your side of the pond. My personal favourite is small dog carrying a box (

    Can’t be long before it catches on over here.

  2. I wait with baited breath to wonder at Mabel
    What can be her next trick
    I do hope for good weather and wait to hear the result

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