And so it begins

CJSIGNINGToday felt like the first day of really being a writer. Lunch with my editor, Alison Hennessey, followed by filming* at the Random House offices and then signing books with the lovely Fran, as pictured, for Blackwell’s and Heffers bookshops.

*Yes, I did say FILMING. Lens on my face, my mouth moving and making words that seemed not to connect with my brain – this being because my brain was screaming ‘I can’t remember what you just said but it MADE NO SENSE.’

The whole process filled me with utter terror and I will not for one second pretend I was cool about this. I practised in the pub with my wife – prompting me, correcting me, boosting me.

And I haven’t seen the results, the best I can hope for is that I won’t go viral in the worst possible sense: ‘Look at this awkward author, this is how to get people NOT to read your book.’

One more picture. Me outside Random House. Gurning the dream.



  1. Practicing in the pub is always the best bet. Let the fun begin!

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